Misunderstanding Video-Making

This is a bit like two posts in one! However for integrity’s sake I won’t count it as such.

Here it is in all it’s empty, void-like glory. I ramble on beetles and cucumbers with very little visuals (save some images which flash on screen). And this is not the only video I uploaded of this style! Am I proud of it, somewhat. Do I believe I misunderstood what makes video a unique style of delivery? Absolutely.

What I created was fleetingly a slide presentation, and mostly a podcast. But if what this thing was was very apparent, why did I decide to upload it as a video? Honestly the answer is all in the popularity of video. A misunderstanding of purpose on my half. Sondheim has repeated on many occasions the idea of content dictates form. I knew of this idea, but clearly did not use it, nor any other creative theory.

But in some ways, this is what being creative is all about. Slapping two seemingly disparate things together and seeing if they succeed or fail. Sometimes, as was the case here, they fail, and other times they create something wonderful.




Return and Return Again

I have the part of my life which is stable, what pays the bills and keeps me afloat, and then the entertainment part of my life. You have that side too. For the average person this consists of sitting down in front of the telly after a hard day’s work to watch their favourite show in a blank stupor. Or perhaps going out with friends to a bar or club, and forgetting the day to day worries. My way just happens to revolve around what many would consider work. I enjoy sitting down to analyse a story, or proofread an article or essay. I enjoy this. And like most people, with their telly or their clubs, if I’m no longer interested I do something else. Whims are like that. Here one minute, gone the next.

Bow I’ve come back to this blog. Which to the reader seems quite normal I’d suspect. But it truly is something odd. Each time I have the urge to undergo one of these online pet projects I start something new. I never go back to it. The project was fun, and then it was done. I like to think everyone does something like this. Something they can be done with when they’re done with it. This is not the case here I guess.

I’ve set myself a challenge, a game, or whatever you want to call it. Starting with this post I have set myself the goal of writing two posts each week—one Wednesday (as this one is) and one Sunday—for fourteen weeks. That ends the last post one December 31st 2017. The very neat and tidy ending coinciding with the new year creates a nice platform to decide if the magnetic pull I felt to write this blog again was something, or just a bit of underdone potato.

Twenty-eight posts, that’s all. Sounds fun really, and I suggest you, yes you dear reader, to join me. What have you got to lose? It’s just a disposable hobby, isn’t it?



























































































































































































































First Blog Post

I could not pick a better name than what was automatically generated for me. I’m not entirely sure how some of this works, but that in neither here nor there. The duty of this blog is a a repository, whether it wants to be or not.