Hieronymus Syndrome?

I took Hieronymus as a pseudonym long ago in 2006 to put outlandish stories into a new world called “The Internet.” The stories were of poor quality and are no more as the sites they were on have all closed. (Though they may exist in some archive somewhere.) The name was always open when a new site would pique my interest, so it has followed me for over a decade.

Hieronymus was the name of Hieronymus Karl Friedrich, Freiherr von Münchhausen (1720–1797) the loose basis for Rudolpf Erich Raspe’s Baron Munchausen (1785). Both the real and fictional Baron were known for outrageous tale telling. When I took up a similar electronic idea so too did I take the name, though the lesser known part.

Read the Wikipedia about Baron Munchausen

As for the “Syndrome” part, Munchausen Syndrome denotes the feigning of illness for attention or sympathy. Hieronymus Syndrome, simply was the telling of outlandish stories for entertainment, very much like the original Baron did over two-hundred years ago. The concept has been around for me since 2006, and for humanity forever. Now it is collected here, and expanded upon.

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